SDE Skills Roadmap for 2020

Posted by Devi Nayar on January 14, 2020 · 4 mins read

SDE Skills Roadmap for 2020

In previous blog posts, Vivek and Gaurav talked about how SDE Skills has evolved over the last few years to become a “productive hang out” for developers. In the past we, have also discussed how SDEs can leverage the programs offered by SDE Skills to enhance their professional skills and build fulfilling careers. In this blog post I want to provide deeper insights into the 2020 roadmap for SDE Skills. We will build on the successes of the past years and introduce new programs and initiatives to enhance our collective contributions, to enable each SDE to fulfill potential not just in terms of career aspirations but also in terms of being able to make meaningful contributions to impact the society at large.

What does meaningful contributions mean? You actively help contribute to improving the abilities of your fellow SDEs (1x1s, mentoring, references etc.) You actively contribute in material terms to help build the necessary collateral for all future SDEs to benefit (training programs, talks, engagements etc.) You actively contribute to democratizing technology to benefit and enrich the lives of lesser privileged members of our society.

What are the core founding principles of SDE skills?

  1. Provide an interactive platform for software engineers to keep abreast of current software innovations and their practical application to business stay current with industry and professional trends.
  2. Provide a learning framework for software engineers to interact in a social setting to learn coding and interviewing skills from each other and as well as leverage collective knowledge around best practices and industry trends to be achieve career aspirations.
  3. Provide a contribution framework to enable SDEs to give back to society by leveraging software engineering skills. Help others improve their skills. Please sign up at the #volunteer Slack channel to present.

Our Roadmap for 2020

  1. Tech Sessions: Over the year we will work with members to identify new technology trends and how businesses are adopting them. We should be able to bring in subject matter experts to talk about the technology and actual use cases. Solve real world problems. Ex. socially responsible ML/AI, Robotics, Kubernetes.

  2. Regular Meetups: Our weekly Meetups provide members the opportunity to prepare for technical coding interviews in stress free environment. Work on the current interview trends and know what is expected from interview candidates. Keep your resume, LinkedIn profiles updated. We commit to having 52 meetup sessions (every week, covering a broad array of topics - coding, whiteboarding, system resign etc)

  3. Hackathon/Community Contribution: Select a project or we can help you choose one to make meaningful contributions to tackle the challenges that will help underprivileged sections of society live healthy and productive lives. We will kick off a hackathon in Q1 and potentially spin it off into 3-4 community initiatives.

As always this is a suggestive roadmap and we are looking for feedback from you. Please do let us know if there are additional aspects you would like to see incorporated into the roadmap to further improve the impact and influence of SDE Skills. Alternatively if you would like to help contribute to any of the above initiatives please email me [email protected] with your suggestions. Wish you all a very Happy New Year and hope to see you all in our forthcoming sessions.

Happy Learning & Coding
SDE Skills Team