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SDE Skills is a organization with the singular vision to bridge the gap between the skills job seekers have and the skills they need to succeed. We provide the resources and support necessary to maintain the sharpness of their technical skills.

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  • Since 2010
  • 501c3 since 2017


150+ hours
  • 50+ 3-hour meetups
  • 30+ participants


900+ members
  • 1800 slack members
  • 100+ regulars


10+ offers
  • 4 companies
  • 2 job families

Weekly Meetups

Our weekly meetups are super popular with our members. We run these in-person meetups out of eastside libraries. These are free to join and participate.

We are committed to improving the core engineering skills essential for software engineers by building a community where SDEs and future-SDEs can exchange ideas, solicit feedback, nurture and grow their core skills.

We will also cover essentials of interviewing to enable you to assess talent better and also be better prepared for your interviews.

Our meetups are volunteer driven and volunteer led. If you want to try your hand at leading one or more sessions, sign up and let us know.

All skill levels welcome!

Join us at meetup.com/skillets



Our online slack group is "always-on" and we frequently discuss interview questions, share interview leads and help each other out. We post questions on a weekly basis and solve them as a group and review each other's code.

Join us at www.sdeskills.com/slack


Preparing for interviews is hard. While there are a large number of resources available these days, some paid, most free, it is extremely difficult to wade through this. Check out the resources we recommend.

Ways to engage with us.


Join our slack group - Invite me


Join our weekly Seattle meetups - meetup.com/skillets


Join our weekly (Online) San Francisco meetups - meetup.com/sfskillets