Leetcode Practice

Leetcode has become the most used repository of questions.

When we see aspiring engineers solve leetcode questions, I see them "grind" leetcode, as in, set aside a dedicated time slot and read question after question and solve them. This process is as dry and painful as it sounds. Learning typically is not a solo activity. It is very easy to get discouraged, or be put off by the tough questions.

There are solutions and discussions, that often increase your anxiety levels. You are not alone, there are 100s of folks like you who are looking to learn and improve their skills. If you are at a location where you can form local study groups, do it. If you have access to a network that you can tap into to do a group study/solve session, do it.

If not! read along.

  1. First join our SDE Skills discord server
  2. Once you are there, join the #leetcode-practice channel
  3. Each day, Our L33tbot shares 3 questions from leetcode.com from easy, medium and hard difficulty levels. You can solve them offline, or interactively with other leetcoders. Test your code against test cases in leetcode.

This channel has 2000+ members who are interested in practicing. At any point of time you should find a few folks who are solving intersting questions. Dont see anyone active, post a question to start the conversation and watch the buzz grow.

Sessions Archive

We keep evolving to support the needs of current active members. We have been discussing these questions in an online session that are recorded and uploaded on our youtube channel. Here is a list of sessions that are available. Note: We often get a bit backlogged in updating the website, head over to SDE Skills YouTube Channel and explore the videos there.