Why join our Discord Server?

Setup in 2017, it has 8500+ members.

How do I Join the SDE Skills Discord?

Joining our vibrant discord community is easy! We are eager to have you on our platform.

SDE Skills Code of Conduct

Given that we are a large group of people, please follow the following guidelines to help you get the most from our Discord community.

Every skillet (SDE Skills member) is a person

We pride ourselves in being a safe space for everyone to improve your skills. Feel free to ask a question, get feedback from folks - There are no stupid questions! The community is entirely volunteer driven, moderators and administrators are going out of their way to be helpful and offer suggestions. Remember that and please show your gratitude.

We serve a global community

We have members in every timezone (as far as I can tell), and most of us have other things to do. Mean time to response may widely vary from being near-realtime to many hours. Please try to remain topical, use your best judgement on which channel to post your question/queries. Please don’t cross post the same question in multiple channels.

Please don’t ping / DM members unless it’s directly relevant

While it may be tempting to try to get more attention to your question by tagging a few “high profile/active” members, it may be quite disruptive to them.


Most of our volunteers are helping here because they were helped earlier, and they are showing their gratitude by paying it forward.

Be polite

This is a safe space, so, please remember that ever member deserves your respect.

What about posts with commercial intent?

SDE Skills is a 501(c)(3) non-profit company that provides a slew of services for free. We do not charge any money for a wide array of our offerings. However, you as a member may have an offering, or initiative that you want to share with our members, we encourage it, but please follow the following guidelines about posting commercial content:

  • General Commercial Post - In general, all commercial posts can be shared in the #promotions channel. Examples include links to ticket sale pages to conferences, requests for SDE Skills members to join an external link, or a link to purchase a course you created that’s behind a paywall.
  • Job leads - If you want to hire someone or want to forward a job posting, share the opportunity in #job-leads - Please provide as much details as you can.
  • Partnering with SDE Skills for promotions - If you have giveaways, discounts that you want to offer to SDE Skills members, please email [email protected], and we will get back to you.

Channels and their purpose


  • #30-day-leetcoding-challenge - To participate in the April 2020 LC challenge
  • #coding-practice
  • #leetcode-practice


  • #elves-* - If you want to help organize meetups, and volunteer as a presenter etc (#elves-online, #elves-sea, #elves-bos, #elves-sfo)
  • #meetup-info-* - For info about local meetups (#meetup-info-seattle, #meetup-info-toronto, #meetup-info-sfo, #meetup-info-online)
  • #findstudygroup - If you are looking for a study group
  • #sg-* - Study groups that are local (#sg-online, #sg-bellevue, #sg-bangalore , #sg-boston , #sg-bayarea , #sg-sandiego )
  • #mutual-mock-interview - Find someone to run a mock interview with.
  • #hackathon - Up for a coding challenge, join this and ask your peers to collaborate in a real-world project.


  • #interview-questions - Discuss real-world interview questions.
  • #sreskills - Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) is a discipline that incorporates aspects of software engineering and applies them to infrastructure and operations problems.
  • #t-dynamic-programming - DP only
  • #t-design-questions - Discuss system design and other topics.
  • #wit - Women in Tech
  • #bookclub - Book club to go through system/distributed design concepts related book.
  • #career-advice - A channel for folks to ask / give career advice


  • #job-leads,#job-leads-internships - discuss / share job leads
  • #promotions - A channel for folks to share paid initiatives / promotions etc.