SDE Skills Slack has 8k+ members now!

Our slack group doubled in the past 3 months

Posted by SDE Skills on April 14, 2020 · 1 min read

Folks! I just spotted that SDE Skills Slack now has more than 8000 members! This is a huge achievement, given we were at 4000 at the start of the year. Any given time, we have 800+ active members, checking messages, participating in our discussions.

I do recognize that, given the number of new folks, we are not doing a good job of communicating all the programs that are currently in flight.

  • Slack Group - The group with 8k+ members
  • #leetcode-practice - Daily practice session, where questions are posted daily, and an interactive Zoom session follows the next day. These sessions are recorded and posted on the SDE Skills YouTube channel
  • #30-day-leetcoding-challenge - We are participating in the Leetcode 30-day challenge. Join us and engage!
  • SDE Skills YouTube channel - Our YouTube channel that has video recording from our earlier sessions.

Here is what you can do? If you are already a part of the slack group! Huge thank you, join us for our lively discussions. Spread the word! Share the invitation to join the slack group!